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Creating apps

Qlik Sense apps contain data, and use visualizations to explore that data. Make discoveries by applying selections to visualizations.

The foundation of an app is the data model and load script. Measures and dimensions are reusable data items used to build charts. Sheets and stories display and organize your visualizations. Bookmarks are an easy way to save a specific selection state on a sheet.

Whoever creates an app is automatically designated as its owner. An app can be re-used, modified, and shared with others, depending on access rights. Different actions can be carried out depending on whether the app is published or not.

Information noteThe .qvf file format is a proprietary format.


Data manager and Data load editor

The Data manager lets you quickly add and transform data. You can also associate data tables. The Data load editor uses scripts to connect to a data source and retrieve the data. See Managing data in apps with Data manager and Using the data load editor.

Data model

Loaded data is structured in a data model. You can reload your data to build the data model that is best for your app. See View and transform the data model.

Logical model

Qlik Sense uses a logical model to interpret relationships in your data model. The logical model is used by Insight Advisor when creating visualizations. There are two ways of logical models are created in Qlik Sense:


Measures are calculations used in visualizations. Measures are created from an expression composed of aggregation functions, such as Sum or Max, combined with one or several fields. See Measures and Using expressions in visualizations.


Dimensions are fields used in visualizations. Dimensions determine how the data in a visualization is grouped. For example: total sales per country or number of products per supplier. See Dimensions and Fields.

Structure and visuals


Sheets contain data visualizations, such as charts and tables. You create structure in your app by grouping visualizations on sheets. For example, you could have a sheet for North American sales, and a different sheet for Europe. For more information, see Structuring an app using sheets and Visualizations.


Bookmarks are shortcuts to a certain set of selections and chart expansions. See Bookmarking selections.


Stories are based on snapshots of visualizations. You present your data by creating a story that guides you to new insights by combining snapshots of data at specific times and selection states. See Data storytelling.

Information noteIn Qlik Sense Desktop, apps are typically stored in <user>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps, as <Appname>.qvf, where <Appname> is the name of the app. If you rename an app in Qlik Sense Desktop, the .qvf is not updated.

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