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Share button control

Information noteThe share button control will be removed as of August 2021. Existing share buttons will continue to function. You can publish bookmarks to Community in the app overview, or copy a link to a bookmark instead.
Publishing bookmarks
Copying links to bookmarks in published apps

The Share button (Share button) is a control that lets you add a button to generate a link to the current sheet. When you follow the link all selections are maintained. It is included in the Dashboard bundle.

When to use it

The share button is useful when you want others to see this sheet as you see it.

Creating a share button

You can create a share button on the sheet you are editing.

  1. From the assets panel, under Custom objects > Dashboard bundle drag a Share button object to the sheet.
  2. Click Copy from textbox under Export settings > Output method in the property panel. The button displays with the text Generate Link and an empty textbox next to it.
  3. Click the Done button to stop editing the sheet.
  4. Click the button you created. A link is generated and displayed in the textbox next to the share button.
  5. Copy and share the link with those you wish to share with. You can share the generated link through three output methods:
    • Copy to Clipboard
    • Create New Email with link
    • A textbox.


Link generation screen

Information note When you create a share button the "full screen" Copy to clipboard button is created by default. To use this version, click Done and click the button you created to copy the sharable site link to the clipboard. There are limitations to this option in certain browsers, for example when using a mobile.


For information about general limitations, see Limitations.

  • We recommend that you do not use selections of many individual values. The URL should contain less than 2000 characters due to browser limitations. You can limit the number of selections included with the option Export Settings > Max Values Selected in One Field.
  • Special characters (' / - * & ') are not allowed in selections.
  • It is not possible to copy to clipboard in all browsers.
  • It is not possible to use selections based on an expression.