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today - script and chart function

This function returns the current date from the system clock.


today([ timer_mode])

Return data type: dual


Argument Description

Can have the following values:

0 (day of last finished data load)
1 (day of function call)
2 (day when the app was opened)

Information noteIf you use the function in a data load script, timer_mode=0 will result in the day of the last finished data load, while timer_mode=1 will give the day of the current data load.

Examples and results:  

Scripting examples
Example Result

Today( 0)

Returns the day of the last finished data load.

Today( 1)

When used in a visualization expression, this returns the day of the function call.

When used in a data load script, this returns the day when the current data load started.

Today( 2)

Returns the day when the app was opened.