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Qlik Sense Mobile app

The Qlik Sense Mobile app connects to a Qlik Sense Enterprise server.

When you are connected, you can view Qlik Sense apps and mashups that your administrator has made available to you. You can also download Qlik Sense apps to your mobile device, to consume them when you are disconnected.

Information noteTo connect to a Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment from Qlik Sense Mobile, users must be allocated the appropriate access type. Users who have been allocated User access, or a Professional or Analyzer access license, can connect. Users with Analyzer capacity licenses or login access cannot. Anonymous access is not allowed.

This documentation also applies to Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry app. Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry is the Qlik Sense Mobile application running on iOS and integrated with the BlackBerry Dynamics platform.

Information noteThe use of Qlik Sense mashups is not supported in Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry app.

Explore the sample Qlik Sense apps that are provided on the Qlik Sense demo server for free. For more information about the demo server, see Qlik Sense demo server.

Installing the Qlik Sense Mobile app

Download the Qlik Sense Mobile app for your device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Download on the App Store

Download on Google Play Store

Contact your Qlik Sense system administrator for instructions about how to connect your Qlik Sense Mobile app to your Qlik Sense Enterprise server.

For information about system requirements for the Qlik Sense Mobile app, see System requirements for Qlik Sense.

For instructions on how to install and activate Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry app, see: Activating Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry.


In a world of apps, terminology can sometimes be confusing. Please note the following:

  • Qlik Sense Mobile app refers to the Qlik Sense software that has been developed for iOS and Android.
  • Qlik Sense app refers to the dashboard and data visualization applications that you build in Qlik Sense.
  • Qlik Sense mashup refers to a web page or web application that has integrated object from Qlik Sense.