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What’s new in Qlik Sense November 2019

Visualizations and Mapping

Table styling

This feature gives the app developer more control over the style, look and feel when creating tables, including:

  • Header font size and color
  • Cell font size and color

Table properties

Improved Accumulation in Bar chart, Line chart, Combo chart, and Table

  • Short cut to accumulation on measures in UI with check box option
  • Accumulation can be made over the whole dimension or in a finite number of steps

Mekko chart

A new native chart also known by other names such as Marimekko chart, Mosaic plot or Mondrian diagram. This chart is commonly used in finance and marketing use cases.

Useful for showing how big the share is of different categories, e.g. sales per company, channel and combined; instead of having four regular bar charts, the Mekko can capture all the aspects.

Mekko chart

Exclude map layers from auto-zoom

The ability to exclude map layers from auto zoom gives more layout control in the map chart. When building map applications, it is sometimes important to exclude layers from zoom, typically background layers such as grid layers, background/cad drawings, etc. The default behavior is to zoom out so all layers are visible.

Map properties

Trellis container improvements, an enhancement to the visualization bundle

  • You can now use 2 dimensions to create a grid with one dimension in each axis. You can also use calculated dimensions.
  • You can show a border to highlight the individual trellis charts, and adjust width, color and style.
  • Extended advanced mode support enables trellising of more complex charts.

Trellis container

Qlik Sense Mobile

Support for offline access to apps with Qlik Sense Mobile for Android

With Qlik Sense Mobile November 2019 you can download Sense apps for offline access on Android devices.