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Navigating using tabs

Tab navigation allows you to quickly navigate to the views that are available to you when you work with apps.

The tabs work in conjunction with a new global menu. The global menu includes the Navigation menu, which was a separate menu in previous releases of Qlik Sense. For more information, see Comparing the menus.

The global menu is context-sensitive. You can select different options depending on whether you select the Data, Analysis, or Story tab in the top toolbar. The available options also depend on whether or not the app is published. For example, you cannot select Data manager or Data load editor in a published app. This is because you cannot add data to a published app.

Unpublished Qlik Sense app with the Analysis tab selected. The sheet that is open in the app is therefore in analysis mode. The global menu is open in the top left corner.

Comparing the menus

In previous releases of Qlik Sense, two drop-down menus were available from the top toolbar. These menus were the navigation menu and the global menu. Those menus have been combined into one global menu.

Global menu (new)

New global menu view when an unpublished app is in analysis mode.

Navigation menu (old)

Old navigation menu view when an app is in analysis mode.

Global menu (old)

Old global menu view when an app is in analysis mode.

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