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Publishing to cloud hubs


Publishing to cloud hubs

If you want to make your apps available to users who do not have access to the Qlik Sense Enterprise hub, you can publish them to a cloud hub.

In a multi-cloud enabled Qlik Sense deployment, your Qlik Sense administrator creates tags in the cloud hub. The Qlik Sense administrator then creates streams for your apps. When you publish or move an app with a tag selected in the app properties to a stream with a distribution policy, Qlik Sense copies the app to the cloud hub.


Tags are a way to group apps in the cloud hub.

App developers with the appropriate privileges can publish apps with tags. The tags can be in multiple cloud hubs, depending on your deployment. Tagged apps are automatically updated whenever the app in the stream is updated.

Consumers with the appropriate access rights can view apps by tags in the cloud hub. App consumers can interact with the apps. For example, they can make selections in the data. However, they cannot update or develop the apps further. For example, they cannot create sheets, charts, and stories. App consumers can share links to charts in apps with the selections they have made.

App consumers can additionally create private collections to organize apps. A private collection created by the app consumer can only be viewed by them.


Your Qlik Sense administrator may set up additional app properties required for distributing from streams to collections.

Streams and tags

The Qlik Sense administrator can have a distribution policy that distributes published apps with added app properties with one or more tags to a cloud hub.

When an app is published to a stream in Qlik Sense Enterprise, distribution policies determine the target cloud hubs that will receive the app with the tags. You can set app properties that control the destination cloud hub and tags when publishing in the Qlik Sense Enterprise hub. Qlik Sense Enterprise copies the app from the stream to the cloud hub with the tags whenever you publish or change app properties. The destination for each distribution is controlled by distribution policies managed by your Qlik Sense administrator.

Apps can be published to only one stream, but they can be published with multiple tags to multiple cloud hubs.


Your administrator can see the time of the last sync in the stream properties.

Depending on your organization you may prefer to move apps to an archive stream with no distribution policy instead of just removing the app.

Tagged apps in a collection can be modified in Qlik Sense Enterprise hub, like an app in any other Qlik Sense Enterprise stream. In Qlik Sense Enterprise hub. You can:

  • Duplicate apps in the stream.
  • Republish the app in the stream.
  • Manage app custom properties
  • Open the app in Published.

In an open app in Qlik Sense Enterprise, you can:

  • Publish and unpublish personal sheets and stories.
  • Add base sheets and stories to the app or remove them from the app.