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Creating bookmarks



Creating bookmarks

Bookmarks let you save specific selection states. This allows you to review them later, and share them with other users.

Create a bookmark

Do the following:

  1. Make the selections on the sheet that you want to save as a bookmark.

  2. Click > in the toolbar.

  3. Click Create new bookmark.

    The name of the sheet and a summary of the selections are used as the title of the bookmark.

  4. If you want another name for the bookmark, change it under Title.

    Warning: Do not use a name already used by an alternate state.
  5. Enter a description of the bookmark under Description if you want to.

The bookmark is automatically saved.

Tip: When you search in bookmarks, Qlik Sense looks for matches in titles and descriptions.

States and set expressions

When creating or editing a bookmark, you will see the possible alternate states that have been bookmarked. If a state includes selections, then the set expression for the selections is also shown.

You can copy the set expression by clicking Copy.

Note: If the bookmark selection includes a calculated dimension, the set expression will show MISSING VALUES and cannot be used.
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