Qlik Sense Mobile and per-app VPN support

The Qlik Sense Mobile app supports per-app VPN tunneling when deployed using AirWatch on iOS 11.2.2 or later.

Per-app VPN functionality, provides endpoint security by limiting connections at the application level, instead of at a device level. The VMware Tunnel restricts app access to white-listed domains, and specific databases that white-listed domains can access.

The following are the current minimum requirements for AirWatch support of iOS 11:

  • AirWatch Agent version 5.5.1
  • VMware Tunnel version 2.0.4

To enable per-app VPN tunneling support for Qlik Sense Mobile in AirWatch you will need to customize your VMware Tunnel configuration. For more information, see Configuring AirWatch for per-app VPN .


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