AWS deployment example

AWS provides a cloud infrastructure with all the services and computing power you need to provide a reliable, cloud deployment platform for Qlik Sense that can performance, regardless of unexpected changes in demand, and concurrency.

Qlik Sense single-node deployment on AWS

Components in a typical Qlik Sense single-node deployment on AWS:

  • VPC - Virtual Private Cloud. A logically isolated virtual network that shares a common security configuration that you define.
  • Subnet - you need at least one subnet within the VPC. This could be a public, or private subnet.
    • Public subnet - subnet with direct access to the internet.
    • Private - a subnet that cannot be reached from the internet.
  • RDS - Relational database service. Use this for the repository to provide high availability without the same complexity as a PostgreSQL database.
  • NAT instance (optional) - restricts traffic to private subnets but allows outgoing traffic to the internet. For example, if an EC2 instance is launched inside the private network it can access the internet.
  • Windows Server instance - deployed inside the default subnet to host your Qlik Sense installation.
  • Security groups - act as a virtual firewall controlling which IP addresses can gain access to your instance. Use the Amazon Management Console to create a security group called Qlik Sense.
  • Key pair - a Qlik Sense.pem file that you create and store locally. This file handles authentication when you connect to your AWS instance.
  • IAM - Identity and Access Management. You need IAM to manage the fine-grained permissions required for access to different AWS services.
  • Qlik Sense Server node - a single node deployed on Windows Server inside the default subnet.

Deployment options:

  • Qlik Sense node in a public subnet with direct Internet access.
  • Qlik Sense node in a private subnet without Internet access.

The decision whether to choose a public or private subnet in your deployment depends on your overall solution requirements.

The following example shows a complete Qlik Sense Enterprise, single node deployment on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.