Default configuration

A Qlik Sense installation includes the streams Everyone and Monitoring apps, and five administrator roles: RootAdmin, AuditAdmin, ContentAdmin, DeploymentAdmin, and SecurityAdmin.

The default configuration of a Qlik Sense installation is as follows:

  • All authenticated users have read and publish rights to the Everyone stream.

  • Anonymous users have read rights to the Everyone stream.

  • The administrator roles RootAdmin, ContentAdmin, and SecurityAdmin have read and publish rights to the Monitoring apps stream.

  • The RootAdmin has full access rights to all Qlik Sense resources.

  • The other administrators can access subsets of the Qlik Sense resources.

  • Proxy load balances to local engine.

  • An anonymous user is not allowed to create content.

  • There can only be one owner of an owned object.

  • Only the owner of an unpublished app can see it.

  • A published app is locked for editing.

  • Authenticated users (not anonymous) can:
    • Publish apps they own.
    • Create new private app objects for unpublished apps.
    • Create new private app objects for published apps (sheets, bookmarks, snapshots and stories).
    • Export the app data they are allowed to see.
  • Everyone can manage data connections from Qlik Sense, but only RootAdmin, ContentAdmin, and SecurityAdmin can manage data connections of the type Folder directory.

  • Everyone can view extensions.

  • Everyone with update rights for a content library can manage its corresponding files.

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