Creating a visualization using a custom object

You can enhance your apps with custom-objects. Custom objects that are available are:

You can find custom objects in the assets panel under g Custom objects when you are editing a sheet.

You can build your own visualization extensions and widgets in the Dev Hub.

Adding a custom object to the sheet

You start creating a visualization by dragging a visualization extension or a widget onto a sheet.

Do the following:

  1. Click @Edit in the toolbar.

  2. Click g in the panel on the left-hand side to expand custom objects.
  3. Drag a visualization extension or a widget onto the sheet.

    You can drop it in an empty location on the sheet, split the area of an existing visualization into two, or replace an existing visualization.

    Tip: If you double-click a custom object, it is added to the sheet immediately.
  4. Change the required settings for the custom object in the properties panel. The required settings are defined by the extension developer, this can be dimensions, measures, or other settings.

You now have a complete visualization that you can start using while exploring the data in the app.

Limitations of visualization extension bundles supplied by Qlik

When you use visualization extensions from an extension bundle supplied by Qlik there are some limitations compared to built-in visualizations, such as bar charts.

  • The user interface of the visualization is not localized to the language that Qlik Sense is using.
  • Right-to-left reading order is not currently supported.
  • Accessibility features are not currently supported.
  • Migration to future built-in visualizations with similar features is not supported.
  • Qlik NPrinting is not supported.
  • Exporting to image, PDF or Excel is not supported.
  • It is not possible to use a visualization created with an extension in a story.
  • Qlik Sense Mobile is not supported.
  • Alternate states are not supported.
Note: It is not possible to edit visualization extensions from an extension bundle supplied by Qlik with Dev Hub.