Troubleshooting - Using data storytelling

This section describes problems that can occur when using data storytelling in Qlik Sense.

I cannot edit a story

I want to make changes to a story but I cannot edit it.

Possible cause  

The story is published.

Proposed action  

If you created the story, unpublish the story to enable editing.

For more information, see Unpublishing a story.

Proposed action  

If you did not create the story, make a duplicate of the story to enable editing. The duplicated story will not be updated if the original story is updated.

For more information, see Duplicating stories.

A sheet is missing

When I play a story a sheet is missing.

Possible cause  

The sheet has been deleted.

The sheet is private (located in another user's My sheets).

Proposed action  

If the sheet is private, ask the owner of the sheet to publish it.

For more information, see Publishing and Publishing a sheet.

I cannot change a snapshot’s appearance

I want to use auto for a snapshot property but the snapshot’s appearance is not affected.

Possible cause  

The snapshot is too small.

Proposed action  

In storytelling view, increase the size of the snapshot.

For more information, see Resizing items on a slide.

I cannot add a link inside a text object

I want to add a link inside a text object but the link is not working.

Possible cause  

You are using Internet Explorer 10 or 11. This means that you cannot copy and paste links from external sources. The formatting is lost when links are pasted into text objects.

Proposed action  

Use another web browser and add the link.

For more information, see Adding links on slides.

I cannot take a snapshot

I want to take a snapshot but it is not possible.

Possible cause  

The visualization you are trying to take a snapshot of is incomplete.

The visualization you are trying to take a snapshot of is an extension. Extensions do not have enabled snapshot functionality by default.

The visualization you are trying to take a snapshot of is a filter pane. Snapshots of filter panes are not supported.

Proposed action  

Complete the visualization.

For more information, see Creating and editing visualizations.

Enable snapshot functionality in the main script of the visualization extension. To do this you have to set the snapshot property to true. You need permission to edit the script or need to get help from a developer.

For more information, see Allow snapshots of your visualization.

I cannot re-order slides in a story

I want to move a slide in the story timeline but it is not possible.

Possible cause  

You are using the mouse on a hybrid device.

Proposed action  

Do one of the following:

  • Turn touch device support off in the global menu (¨).
  • Hold the mouse button pressed for a while before moving the slide.
  • Alternatively, use the touch screen instead and move the item by long-touch and drag.

The data in my snapshot does not exist in the visualization

When I go to the snapshot source, I cannot see the same data in the visualization as in the snapshot.

Possible cause  

The user taking the snapshot has access to data you do not. This is because of section access rights defined in the data load script.

Proposed action  

Request the same section access rights for you in the script.

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