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GeoBoundingBox - script and chart function

GeoBoundingBox() is used to aggregate a geometry into an area and calculate the smallest bounding box that contains all coordinates.

A GeoBoundingBox is represented as a list of four values: left, right, top, bottom.



Return data type: string


Argument Description
field_name A field or expression referring to a field containing the geometry to be represented. This could be either a point (or set of points) giving longitude and latitude, or an area.

GeoBoundingBox() aggregates a set of geometries and returns four coordinates for the smallest rectangle that contains all the coordinates of that aggregated geometry.

To visualize the result on a map, transfer the resulting string of four coordinates into a polygon format, tag the transferred field with a geopolygon format, and drag and drop that field into the map object. The rectangular boxes .will then be displayed in the map visualization.

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