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inweektodate - script and chart function

This function returns True if timestamp lies inside the part of week containing base_date up until and including the last millisecond of base_date.


InWeekToDate (timestamp, base_date, period_no [, first_week_day])

Return data type: Boolean


Argument Description
timestamp The date that you want to compare with base_date.
base_date Date that is used to evaluate the week.
period_no The week can be offset by period_no. period_no is an integer, where the value 0 indicates the week which contains base_date. Negative values in period_no indicate preceding weeks and positive values indicate succeeding weeks.

By default, the first day of the week is Monday,starting at midnight between Sunday and Monday. To indicate the week starting on another day, specify an offset in first_week_day. This may be given as a whole number of days and/or fractions of a day.

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