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inlunarweek - script and chart function

This function finds if timestamp lies inside the lunar week containing base_date. Lunar weeks in Qlik Sense are defined by counting 1 January as the first day of the week.


InLunarWeek (timestamp, base_date, period_no[, first_week_day])

Return data type: Boolean


Argument Description
timestamp The date that you want to compare with base_date.
base_date Date that is used to evaluate the lunar week.
period_no The lunar week can be offset by period_no. period_no is an integer, where the value 0 indicates the lunar week which contains base_date. Negative values in period_no indicate preceding lunar weeks and positive values indicate succeeding lunar weeks.
first_week_day An offset that may be greater than or less than zero. This changes the beginning of the year by the specified number of days and/or fractions of a day.

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