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Hiding fields from analysis


Hiding fields from analysis

You can hide data fields that you do not want available when building visualizations in sheet view or in Insight Advisor.

You might, for example, have fields that are only used for calculating another field. You can hide these fields in Data manager so that they are not available in the assets panel of sheets or from Insight Advisor but remain available in Data manager and Data load editor. This can be used to remove information that may be redundant or unnecessary to your current analysis or insights, including only relevant information and making it easier to read and analyze.

When hiding a field, all existing relationships the field has, such as associations or use in calculations, will be maintained. If a field is currently in use, such as in a master item or in an existing chart, it will continue to be available there, but will not be available for use in new master items or visualizations until it is shown again.


You can view all your hidden fields in Data manager by going into Data load editor and opening the auto-generated section. All hidden fields will be listed as TAG FIELD <field name> WITH '$hidden';

Hiding a field from analysis

  1. Click on Menu above the field heading.

  2. Click Hide in Analysis.

The field is now hidden in sheet view and in Insight Advisor. Hidden fields have View added above the field heading.

Showing a hidden field

  1. Click on Menu or View above the field heading.
  2. Click Show in Analysis.

The field is now available in sheet view and in Insight Advisor. The View above the field heading will be removed.