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Configuring your packages


Configuring your packages

The next step is to start working with the other elements of the logical model, starting with packages.

Packages are collections of groups that should be used together in analysis. This ensures only relevant fields are used together by Insight Advisor. Groups can belong to multiple packages. Packages are an optional part of the logical model.

Why create packages?

Packages define the scope of which groups should be used together in analysis. For example, your logical model may have groups that cover different areas of an organization. Mixing these may not always be desirable for your Insight charts.

For example, the tutorial app has data related to the handling of support calls, which is not related to the sales and supplier data. If you navigate to Insights and select AverageCallSatisfaction from the Assets panel, you get results where the support call data is mixed with sales data fields.

By using packages, you can keep the sales and supplier data together for analysis and keep the support call data together for analysis, preventing Insight Advisor from trying to use the data together.

Creating packages

You are going to create packages for the sales-related groups and support-related groups. Both will include the relevant Employees and Offices groups.

Creating the Support package

  1. Navigate to Packages.

  2. Click Create package.

  3. For Package name, enter Support.

  4. Add the following groups to the package:

    • SupportCalls

    • SupportDate

    • Employees

    • Offices

  5. Click Create.

Creating the Sales package

  1. Navigate to the Packages section.

  2. Click Create package.

  3. For Package name, enter Sales.

  4. Add the following groups to the package:

    • Categories

    • Customer

    • SalesCity

    • SalesCountry

    • Employees

    • Offices

    • Sales_OrderDate

    • Products

    • Sales

    • Suppliers

  5. Click Create.


Navigate back to Insights. In Assets, select AverageCallSatisfaction. Now, none of the generated Insights charts use fields from groups that are not part of the Support package.