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Assets panel

The assets panel provides a set of items you can use in your visualizations when you develop an app, or create a sheet in a published app.

It contains the available charts, master items, and data fields in the app. The assets panel is shown on the left-hand side of the sheet you are editing.

You can save visualizations, dimensions and measures that you want to reuse as master items. These can be edited and updated across all instances in an app.

The assets panel contains the following sections:


Not available in a published app.

In Fields Fields you find all fields in the data model of the app.

For more information, see Fields.


When the Filter by table list displays All tables, all data fields in the app are listed. You can select a table from the list if you want to focus on the fields from that specific table.

To learn more about suggested visualizations, see Creating visualizations using Insight Advisor chart suggestions.


You can drag and drop fields into the sheet to create visualizations with Qlik Sense chart suggestions.

When you click a field, you can create a measure by clicking Meaure or create a dimension by clicking Dimension - Single. The new measure or dimension is added to the master items. Click Drop here to add the field to the selected visualization, or to the sheet if no visualization is selected.

Calendar measures

You can create calendar measures by right-clicking a field and selecting Create calendar measures. Calendar measures are added to the master items.

For more information, see Create calendar measures.

Date and time

All date fields are marked with Date and time and can be expanded to use date & time attributes of the field. Date & time attributes are created automatically when you use Add data. If you used the data load script to load data, you need to create the date & time attributes using derived fields.

For more information, see Date & time fields.

Map data

All fields recognized as geopoints in map visualizations are marked with Map.

For more information, see Loading your own map data.


You can also add new data to the app with the Add button at the bottom, and refresh the data in the app.

For more information, see Adding data to the app

Master items

With Master items Linked Object you create and save reusable dimensions, measures and visualizations as master items.

To learn more about master items, see Reusing assets with master items.

To learn more about dimensions and measures, see Dimensions and Measures.

To learn more about creating visualizations with master items, see Reusing visualizations with a master visualization.


With Charts Chart you can build visualizations.

A list of all the different chart types you can use to build visualizations. These are included in Qlik Sense by default. When you have added a chart to a sheet, you can add dimensions and measures to it to connect it to the data model.

To learn more about visualizations, see Visualizations.

Custom objects

You can enhance your apps with custom-designed visualization extensions with Custom objects Extension.

To learn more about custom objects, see Creating a visualization using a custom object.


Find assets using the search field. As you start to type in the search field, all items that have a name or a tag that contains the search string, are presented.

For more information, see Searching in the assets panel.

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