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Copying a visualization from an existing visualization

You can copy a visualization:

  • Within the same sheet
  • Between sheets in the same app
  • Between sheets belonging to different apps.
Warning: For a copied visualization to work in a different app, the same dimensions and measures have to be a part of the target app as well.

Do the following:

  1. While editing a sheet, click on the item you want to copy.

    The item is highlighted.

  2. On the edit bar, click .

  3. To insert the item on another sheet, navigate to the sheet via the sheet navigator.

  4. Click to paste the item.

The copied item is added to the sheet.


Depending on what situation you are in, different things will happen when you paste the copied visualization on a sheet:

  • If a visualization is selected, then the selected visualization will be replaced.
  • If no visualization is selected, then the pasted visualization will be placed in the largest empty space.
  • If there is no empty space, then the largest visualization on the sheet will be split in half to make space for the pasted visualization.