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Peek - script function


Peek - script function

Peek() finds the value of a field in a table for a row that has already been loaded or that exists in internal memory. The row number can be specified, as can the table.




[, row_no[, table_name ] ])

Return data type: dual


Argument Description
field_name Name of the field for which the return value is required.Input value must be given as a string (for example, quoted literals).

The row in the table that specifies the field required. Can be an expression, but must resolve to an integer. 0 denotes the first record, 1 the second, and so on. Negative numbers indicate order from the end of the table. -1 denotes the last record read.

If no row is stated, -1 is assumed.

table_name A table label without the ending colon. If no table_name is stated, the current table is assumed. If used outside the LOAD statement or referring to another table, the table_name must be included.


In the first record of an internal table, the function returns NULL.