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Fmod - script and chart function


Fmod - script and chart function

fmod() is a generalized modulo function that returns the remainder part of the integer division of the first argument (the dividend) by the second argument (the divisor). The result is a real number. Both arguments are interpreted as real numbers, that is, they do not have to be integers.


fmod(a, b)

Return data type: numeric


Argument Description
a Dividend
b Divisor

Examples and results:  

Examples Results

fmod( 7,2 )

Returns 1

fmod( 7.5,2 )

Returns 1.5

fmod( 9,3 )

Returns 0

fmod( -4,3 )

Returns -1

fmod( 4,-3 )

Returns 1

fmod( -4,-3 )

Returns -1