Built-in log4net appenders

In addition to the Qlik Sense custom appender, QSRollingFileAppender, the log4net framework comes with a set of built-in predefined appenders that also can be used in the local log configuration file, LocalLogConfig.xml:

  • AdoNetAppender
  • AnsiColorTerminalAppender
  • AspNetTraceAppender
  • ColoredConsoleAppender
  • ConsoleAppender
  • EventLogAppender
  • FileAppender
  • NetSendAppender
  • RemoteSyslogAppender
  • RemotingAppender
  • RollingFileAppender
  • SmtpAppender
  • SmtpPickupDirAppender
  • TelnetAppender
  • UdpAppender

Each appender has its own set of parameters to control the output.

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