Qlik Sense engine service log fields

The following table lists the fields that are unique for the Qlik Sense Engine Service (QES) logs.

Field Format Description
EngineTimestamp ISO 8601

The date and time when the QES wrote the log message to file.

Timestamp in ISO 8601 format, YYYYMMDDThhmmss.fffK, where:

  • YYYY: Year
  • MM: Month
  • DD: Day in month
  • T: Delimiter
  • hh: Hour
  • mm: Minutes
  • ss: Seconds
  • fff: Milliseconds
  • K: Time zone offset

For example, 20110805T145657.000+0200 means year 2011, month 8, day 5 at 14:56:57 GMT+2.

EngineVersion String

The version number of the QES that executed the request.

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