License Enabler File

With a token-based license (login access or user access), the Qlik Sense licensing is administered using a License Enabler File (LEF). The LEF holds the number of tokens available for the central node in a site. This means that a Qlik Sense site needs at least one (1) LEF.

The LEF can be downloaded when the serial number and the control number have been entered in the Qlik Management Console (QMC). The LEF can also be pasted directly into the QMC, if, for example, no network connection is available.

Increase in tokens

When the number of tokens in the LEF increases (for example, when buying additional tokens), the new tokens are added to the pool of unallocated tokens that can be used to allocate access passes that allow users to access Qlik Sense.

Decrease in tokens

When the number of tokens in the LEF decreases, the following happens:

  1. Unallocated tokens are removed.
  2. If step 1 is not enough to meet the decreased number of tokens in the LEF, any tokens that are freed up by removal of access passes cannot be used for new allocations until the number of allocated tokens is below the new number set in the LEF.
  3. Removing access passes

Note: A License Enabler File is also used for user-based licenses (analyzer and professional), but then no tokens are used, instead a defined number of access allocations.
Note: If you want to set up Qlik Cloud Services or Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes, please contact your Qlik representative or Qlik Support to obtain a valid license for the setup.