User directory connectors Active Directory properties

The following property groups are available for user directory connectors of the type Active Directory.


All fields are mandatory and must not be empty.

LDAP identification properties
Property Description
Name The name of the UDC configuration, defined from the QMC.

The UDC type.

User sync settings

LDAP user sync properties
Property Description Default value
Sync user data for existing users
  • When selected, only the existing users are synchronized. An existing user is a user who has logged in to Qlik Sense and/or been previously synchronized from the configured directory service.
  • When not selected, all the users, defined by the properties for the UDC, are synchronized from the configured directory service. You can create a filter to Active Directory, ApacheDS, or Generic LDAP if you only want to synchronize a selection of users.
Note: The user attributes are only synced when a user logs in to the hub. Even if you delete the user in the QMC, the active session is still valid for the user that has been deleted. If the hub is only refreshed, the user is added to the database, but without any attributes.



The Connection property group contains the Active Directory connection properties in the Qlik Sense system.

Property Description Default value
Path The URI used to connect to the AD domain. ldap://
User name The optional user ID used to connect to the AD server. If this is empty, the user running the Qlik Sense repository is used to log on to the AD server. -
Password The optional password for the user above. -
Note: If you have users in several subdomains in your Active Directory, you need to create one user directory connector for each subdomain.


The Advanced property group contains the advanced Active Directory properties.

Property Description Default value

Additional LDAP Filter

Used as the LDAP query to retrieve the users in the AD. Blank
Synchronization timeout (seconds) The timeout for reading data from the data source. 240
Page size of search

Determines the number of posts retrieved when reading data from the data source. When the specified number of posts have been found, search is stopped and the results are returned. When search is restarted, it continues where it left off.

Tip: If the user synchronization is unsuccessful, try setting the value to '0' (zero), which is equal to not doing a paged search.


LDAP tags properties
Property Description
Tip: If no tags are available, this property group is empty.

Connected tags are displayed under the text box.