Task status information

On the tasks overview page, in the Status column, each task has an information icon (]) that you can click to get a summary of the latest task execution. The summary contains the following information.

Task status The status presented in the task status window and the status column may sometimes differ. Click ô in the task status window to refresh the status for that specific task, or click ô to the far right on the tasks overview page to update the status for all tasks.
Host name The server node that initiated the latest run of the task.
Date and timestamp

The date and time when the task execution steps were performed. The steps are presented with the latest step first.

In the Task tables execution columns the times take the timezone difference into account. So this can show different from the popup.

Task steps performed Description of the task execution step performed.

Reload tasks also have a Download script log button for easy access to the script log. When the button is dimmed, the sync between the central node and the node with the script log has not been completed.