UI icons and symbols

A symbol can be used in more than one context. Here is a list of the icons and symbols used throughout the Qlik Management Console (QMC) user interface.

P Create new
w Apps
Content libraries
8 Data connections
8 Analytic connections
4 App objects
ã Streams
x Tasks
y Users
f Audit
Ä Security rules
f Custom properties
ä License management
g Extensions
z Tags
On-demand apps service
â User directory connectors
ã Monitoring apps
v Service cluster
v Nodes
{ Engines
p Printing
å Proxies
å Virtual proxies
á Schedulers
H Repositories
Ó Distribution policies

Load balancing rules

® Certificates
é Task chain
¥ Task status: Never started, Skipped, Reset
ô Task status: Triggered, Started, Abort initiated, Aborting, Retrying
£ Task status: Queued
§ Task status: Aborted
m Task status: Success
Task status: Failed, Error
Read access (by security rule)
@ Update and/or Write and/or Edit access (by security rule)
E Delete access (by security rule), Logout, Cancel, Close, Exit
Other access (by security rule), for example Create, ChangeOwner and/or Export
. Filter
D Help
] Information
ù Information
[ Locked
\ Unlocked
F Search
B Undo
V Settings
R Arrow up
S Arrow down
T Arrow left
U Arrow right

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