Interaction on hybrid devices

When you are using a hybrid device (a laptop with a touch screen), the mouse-over function is disabled by default. Click on a visualization to see a tooltip, and click again to close it.

You can toggle hybrid device touch support on and off from the global menu (Navigation).

You can long-touch on the screen or right-click with the mouse on a visualization to open a touch gesture shortcut menu.

The options menu opens when you long-touch or right-click a visualization.

Touch gesture shortcut menu.

When you are editing an app, you have three options displayed, as shown in the screenshot:

  • Shortcut menu (¥)
  • Full screen (s)
  • Save as a master item or unlink from a master item (é)

When you are making data analysis in an app, the master item option is replaced by snapshot (Å). You will also get the option to open the visual exploration menu (Ú) for visualizations where the menu is available.

Do the following:

  1. Long-touch or right click the visualization.

    The options menu is opened.

  2. Long-touch and swipe over the menu items to see tooltips. Tap or click an option to select it.

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