Visualization bundle

Visualizations are an important means of conveying information from massive data. The Visualization bundle is a set of extensions that can be used to enhance and increase your Qlik Sense app's charting capacity. The extensions are optional. You do not have to install or enable them to use Qlik Sense.

Enabling extensions

You can install the Visualization bundle when you install Qlik Sense. If you need to adjust your extension installation, see: Modifying extension bundles installation.

Creating extensions

Visualization extensions are in the asset panel under Custom objects.

The following extensions are included:

  • Bar & area chart extension

    Create bar charts and area charts and enhance them with transitions and connectors.

  • Bullet chart extension

    A bullet chart is a gauge that can also show a target marker and a qualitative range to show performance.

  • Funnel chart extension

    A funnel chart is a visual representation of the connected stages of a linear process.

  • Heatmap chart extension

    A chart that displays comparative data and with the values represented as colors.

  • Multi KPI extension

    An extension that shows KPI for multiple dimension values to quickly understand and track performance.

  • Network chart extension

    Creates a cluster diagram representing a graphical chart of a computer network.

  • Radar chart extension

    Creates a two-dimensional chart using radial axes to show the scoring of a measure in one dimension or another.

  • Sankey chart extension

    A flow chart diagram chart visually emphasizing major transfers or flows within defined system boundaries.

  • Word cloud chart extension

    A cloud chart of words with their size based on measure value.


When you use visualization extensions from an extension bundle supplied by Qlik, there are some general limitations compared to built-in visualizations, such as bar charts. For more information, see Creating a visualization using a custom object.