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Undoing and redoing actions

When you are editing in sheet view or storytelling view, you can undo or redo your actions by clicking Undo and Redo, or by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y.

In sheet view

When working in sheet view, the log of actions is cleared if you:

  • Leave the sheet you are working on.
  • Make any changes in the assets panel.

In storytelling view

When editing in storytelling view, the log of actions is cleared if you:

  • Leave storytelling view.
  • Enter storytelling play mode.
  • Go to sheet view via the shortcut menu choice Go to source.
Warning: Any action involving effects will not be added to the log of actions. If you have added an effect it will not be deleted if you click Undo (this is done from the shortcut menu of the snapshot instead).

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