Touch gestures

Qlik Sense can be used on touch devices. There are a number of gestures for touch devices you can use to help you interact more easily with Qlik Sense and aid you in exploring your apps.

You can toggle hybrid device touch support on and off from the global menu (Navigation).

Touch gestures

Touch device gestures
Action Example Description
Tap Double-tap gesture. Corresponds to a left-click with a mouse.
Double-tap Scrolling gesture. Corresponds to a double-click with a mouse.
Swipe Two-finger swipe gesture. Used for scrolling lists and making selections in visualizations.
Two-finger swipe Two-finger tap gesture. Used for scrolling and panning.
Two-finger tap Two-finger selection gesture. Used for selecting a range of values in a list.
Pinch Pinch gesture. Used for zooming.
Long-touch Long-touch gesture. Used for opening shortcut menus and selecting an object so it can be moved.
Three-finger tap Three-finger tap gesture. Resets the zoom level of a scatter plot visualization.
Long-touch and drag Long-touch and drag gesture. Moves a slide to a new location in storytelling view, moves an item on a slide in storytelling view.
Two-finger selection Two-finger selection gesture. Used for making a square selection in a visualization.

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