Duplicating stories

You can duplicate any story, regardless of whether it belongs to the app or if you created it yourself. The purpose of duplicating stories is to save time by reusing content, and to modify the duplicate to fit your needs.

A duplicated story contains the same content as the original story, and is linked to the same snapshots. The duplicated story will not be updated if the original story is updated. Duplicated stories appear under My stories in app overview and in the story navigator.

Duplicating a story from app overview

Do the following:

  1. Click Story Mode on the left-hand side to show the stories of the app.

  2. Long-touch/right-click a story.

    The shortcut menu opens.

  3. Click Duplicate.

The new story is created. It is located under My stories.

Tip: You can also duplicate a story when you are in storytelling view, using the story navigator Story Mode.