Creating a master measure from a field

When you are working with an unpublished app, you can create master measures so that they can be reused. You can create a master measure from the Fields section of the assets panel.

  1. Click in the toolbar.

    The assets panel opens on the left-hand side.

  2. Click - to select the fields tab.
  3. Click the field you want to use to create a measure.

    The preview opens.

  4. Click 3 at the bottom of the preview.

  5. The Create new measure dialog opens with the field you selected as the name of the measure and as a part of the expression.

  6. Click 3 in the Expression field to open the Edit expression dialog.

  7. Type the expression directly in the expression editor (the main window).

    The field names you use in the expression are checked, and the syntax of the expression is validated.

    Tip: As you type in the expression editor, the expression is validated continuously. If there is an error, you see a hint about what is incorrect in the lower left-hand corner. Additional error information may be available by clicking the icon next to the hint.

    Each line in the expression editor is numbered and syntax highlighting is used.

    Tip: You can open the online help with the full description of how to use the current function by double-clicking the function name in the expression editor and pressing Ctrl+H on the keyboard. This feature becomes available after having entered the first parenthesis of the expression after the function name, and only when using a computer with a keyboard.
  8. Click Apply to close the Add expression dialog.

    Now you need to add some descriptive data for the measure.

  9. Edit the name if you want to.

  10. Type a description for the measure (optional).

  11. If you want to specify a color, click S in the color drop down and select a color through one of the following methods:

    • Click one of the colors in the palette.
    • Type a 6 character color code in the Hex input field: #.
    • Click Ü at the bottom of the dialog, select a color in the color wheel, and optionally adjust the saturation slider.
  12. Add tags (optional).

  13. Click Create.

The measure is now saved in the Measures category in the master items, and you can use it in visualizations.

Note: Direct Discovery fields are indicated by ÿ in the Fields section of the assets panel.

For more information, see Designing visualizations with Direct Discovery.

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