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Designing visualizations with Direct Discovery

Designing visualizations from Direct Discovery fields requires some background knowledge about the nature of the field types that can be used.

For more information, see Direct Discovery field types.

Direct Discovery fields in visualizations


  • The Direct Discovery DIMENSION field type can be used in the same way as any other dimension.


  • A Direct Discovery MEASURE must be aggregated with one of the common functions before it can be used in a visualization.
  • A regular field that is dropped onto a sheet becomes a filter pane, but not a Direct Discovery MEASURE as it must be aggregated first.


The Direct Discovery DETAIL field type can only be used in tables, and not in combination with a measure.

Tip: When creating a table using a Direct Discovery DETAIL field, and the number of rows being retrieved exceeds a value defined in the load script (by default, 1000 rows), you may see a warning message and the table may appear to be invalid. To make the table work normally, try making selections in the app to reduce the data set.
Note: This functionality is not available in all editions of Qlik Sense.

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