TTest1_conf - script and chart function

TTest1_conf() returns the aggregated confidence interval value for a series of values.

This function applies to one-sample student's t-tests.

If the function is used in the data load script, the values are iterated over a number of records as defined by a group by clause.

If the function is used in a chart expression, the values are iterated over the chart dimensions.


TTest1_conf (value [, sig ])

Return data type: numeric


Argument Description
value The samples to be evaluated. If a field name for the sample values is not provided in the load script, the field will automatically be named Value.
sig The two-tailed level of significance can be specified in sig. If omitted, sig is set to 0.025, resulting in a 95% confidence interval.


Text values, NULL values and missing values in the expression value will result in the function returning NULL.


TTest1_conf( Value )

TTest1_conf( Value, 0.005 )