Sharing apps in the cloud hub

Sharing apps lets other cloud hub users access your insights.

To share an app, click More , select Share. You can share your app with individual members of your cloud hub or your can share with everyone in your cloud hub. You can see who your app is shared with in Details.

Cloud hub members can interact with your shared app, but they cannot create community content such as sheets, charts, and stories. Members can share links to charts in apps with the selections they have made. If you want other cloud hub members to be able to edit your app, move the app to a shared space and can give cloud hub members edit access in the space.

If you are using Qlik Sense Enterprise with cloud hub, sharing apps is similar to publishing an app to a collection. Apps published to a collection can be distributed to specific users. Apps shared in the cloud hub are shared with all users who have access to the cloud hub. If you have Qlik Sense Enterprise and want to share an app with specific users, you should publish the app to your collections instead of sharing that app. For more information, see Publishing apps to cloud hubs with tags.