What’s new in Qlik Sense April 2019?

Augmented Intelligence

Associative insights

Offering powerful new Augmented Intelligence (AI) insights that reveal what is hidden in your data. This feature is driven by the Qlik cognitive engine and Qlik associative engine working together.

Associative insights helps users discover and understand the significance of values in the data that are not selected. Look for Associative insights in the selections tool.

Discovering your data with associative insights

Visualizations and Mapping

We have introduced Bar & Area Chart and Bullet Chart in the Visualization Bundle, and a new capability to set default map backgrounds for improved customization.

Maps enhancements

It is now possible to set a default map background for all new map charts. Enabling further customization of backgrounds, now users can choose to set their own predefined background instead of using the Qlik standard background. This feature provides better support for handling geographic considerations such as disputed regions with politically sensitive boundaries.

In addition, you will find the following feature enhancements for mapping:

  • The ability to include new lines in labels, with an improved look of labels in background maps (also added to Qlik GeoAnalytics).
  • New size legends for map point layers.
  • The capability to insert images in map background layers. This is suitable for simple images such drawings, floor plans, etc.


Map properties

Visualization Bundle

Two new charts in the visualization bundle

  • Bar & Area chart: a bar chart with transition effects, connectors and labels on tacked bars.

    Bar & area chart extension

  • Bullet chart: a bar chart ideally used for tracking towards a goal, showing target, or actual and bands for good/bad/average.

    Bullet chart extension


With Qlik Sense April 2019 we have introduced a standalone SaaS deployment option for Qlik Sense Enterprise (QSE), with the ability to create, reload, and consume Qlik Sense apps entirely on Qlik’s hosted cloud. This release also enables parity between Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows and Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes for adding, updating, and removing themes and extensions. With Qlik Sense April 2019, all deployment options for Qlik Sense Enterprise, which includes Qlik Cloud Services (SaaS), Kubernetes, and Windows , are available independently and work together as part of a multi-cloud deployment.

The following capabilities are now available for Qlik Sense Enterprise deployed on Qlik Cloud Services (SaaS) and Kubernetes:

Qlik Sense Mobile

Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry

Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry is the new Qlik Sense Mobile application built for the BlackBerry Dynamics EMM platform, supporting advanced management and security for BYOD (bring your own device) environments. It allows BlackBerry Dynamics EMM users to access Qlik Sense in a containerized mobile app, with end to end secure communication, including SSO and at-rest encryption. Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry enables administrators to govern Qlik Sense Mobile deployments across the organization by setting specific policies and managing app distribution.

Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry

Qlik Connectors

  • Support for Enterprise Data Sources in a SaaS environment with ODBC Drivers in Qlik Cloud Services and Multi-Cloud environments.
  • Extended connectivity reload capabilities with Basis Scheduled reloads for Enterprise SaaS.