What’s new in Qlik SenseApril 2018?

Create, Discover, Collaborate

Accelerated self-service with Qlik Sense chart suggestions

Qlik Sense chart suggestions make it easier to create a visualization by allowing you to simply drag and drop fields onto your sheets. Chart suggestions are created using the Cognitive Engine in Qlik, which leverages insights from the data loaded and combines them with best practices for data visualization.

Creating visualizations using chart suggestions

Publishing an app from the hub

In Qlik SenseApril 2018 you can publish an app that you have created to any stream for which you have publish access. If you have published an app to a stream, you can move your app between the streams for which you have permission to publish.

Publishing an app from the hub

Improvements based on customers feedback

Qlik Sense April 2018 introduces a number of improvements based on customer feedback:

  • Grid size of an app sheet can now be customized with three different sizes: small, medium or large.
  • You can now set custom abbreviations in the load script. For example, you can choose to use Billions instead of G.
  • When clicking the Edit button of a Linked visualization, a new shortcut redirects you to editing the Master visualization item.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for selection back/forward have been added.

Multi-layer maps

Qlik Sense April 2018 features significant improvements to the built-in maps visualization:

  • Support for multiple layers.
  • Labels for point layers and area layers.
  • Quick look up of countries, divisions, cities, postal code areas.
  • Higher fixed upper limit of number of objects.
  • Circle select with distance measure.
  • Drill down support.
  • Layer control, zoom limit and draw order.
  • English or local name in the background map.


Keyboard navigation support for Qlik Sense hub

To improve accessibility, Qlik Sense hub now supports keyboard navigation and shortcuts.

Keyboard navigation and shortcuts in Qlik Sense

Linking Qlik Sense Mobile to third-party applications

Qlik Sense Mobile can now interact with third party mobile applications through a custom generated URL (deep link). The link can be embedded within the third party mobile application, with appropriate selections and filters. Clicking the link opens the app in Qlik Sense Mobile with the filters and selections that were applied during original presentation. As a result, user experience is improved and context is provided when interacting with the app.

Creating links to Qlik Sense Mobile app content


Deployment improvement

From Qlik SenseApril 2018 it is no longer necessary to use port 4244 as the authentication port. If you are using SSL to protect your environment, you can use port 443 as an external facing port for the Qlik Sense Proxy service (QPS).


Per-app VPN mode for Qlik Sense Mobile

Qlik Sense Mobile now works in a per-app VPN mode with the appropriate VMware Workspace ONE tunnel components. This helps secure network traffic between Qlik Sense Mobile and Qlik Sense Enterprise deployed behind a corporate firewall. With this addition, it is no longer necessary for device network traffic to go through a VPN. Only Qlik Sense Mobile apps are routed through the VPN, reducing load on the VPN server.

Configuring AirWatch for per-app VPN


Allocations for new license types

Customers who have purchased Qlik Sense with support for the new Professional and Analyzer license types can now configure the allocation of these licenses in the QMC.

Managing licenses

Analytic connections improvement

With Qlik SenseApril 2018, Qlik Sense Enterprise administrators now have the ability to add, remove, and reconfigure Analytic connections without additional restarts of any service becoming required for the Analytic connections to function. Administrators now can also stop and start any services in any order without impacting the Analytic connection functionality. Advanced Qlik Sense Desktop users can now develop and use Analytic connections even when the SSE server implementing the Analytic connection is started after the Qlik engine.

Analytic connections

Enable anonymous users to export data

From Qlik SenseApril 2018 anonymous users can print and export data.

Security rules installed in Qlik Sense