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Editing a variable


Editing a variable

A variable in Qlik Sense is a named entity, containing a data value. When a variable is used in an expression, it is substituted by its value or the variable's definition.Variables are defined using the variables overview or in the script using the data load editor.

You can choose to edit a variable from the variables overview, when editing a sheet in an unpublished app.

Do the following:

  1. When editing a sheet, click Variables in the edit bar on the sheet to open the variables overview.

    The variables overview opens.

    Information noteIf you want to edit a variable that is defined in the script, you can either edit in the script, using the data load editor, or delete it from the script and then edit it in the variables overview.
  2. From the list, select a variable that you want to edit and click Edit.

    The variable expands and displays the following:

    • Definition (if any)
    • Description (if any)
    • Tags (if any)
  3. Edit the variable as desired:

    • You can open the expression editor and create the definition by clicking Expression.

    • For more information, see Working with the expression editor.

    • Cancel editing the variable, by pressing Esc.

      Information noteIf you click Delete the variable is deleted.
    • Add new tags by typing and and click Create new or press Enter. Remove tags by clicking Cancel.
  4. Save the changes by clicking Edit. You can also save by clicking outside the variable's section in the variables overview or by clicking outside the variables overview window.

The variable is updated.