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Tutorial - Chart expressions

This tutorial introduces chart expressions in Qlik Sense. Expressions are a combination of functions, fields, and mathematical operators, used to process data and produce a result that can be seen in a visualization.

Chart expressions are mostly used in measures. You can also build visualizations that are more dynamic and powerful by using expressions for titles, subtitles, footnotes, and even dimensions.

What you will learn

When you have completed the tutorial, you will be comfortable using expressions in visualizations.

Who should complete this tutorial

You should be familiar with Qlik Sense basics. For example, you have loaded data, created apps, and created visualizations on different sheets.

You will need access to the data load editor and should be allowed to load data in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes.

What you need to do before you start

Download this package and unzip it on your computer:

Chart expressions app

The QVF file contains the following data files:

  • Cities.xlsx
  • Customers.xlsx
  • Item master.xlsx
  • Sales rep.xlsx
  • Sales.xlsx

Upload the QVF file and open the available app.

Lessons in this tutorial

The topics in this tutorial could be completed in any order. However, later topics assume you are familiar with previous topics. The screenshots were taken in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS. You may see some visual differences if you are using Qlik Sense Enterprise on a different deployment.

Further reading and resources

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