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Snapshot library

The Snapshot library contains a list of your snapshots sorted by and grouped by date, with the newest on top. The snapshots are grouped into the following date categories: Today, This week and Older.

When you take a snapshot you can make an annotation for your snapshot. The annotation helps you distinguish between the different snapshots in the snapshot library when you build your story. The annotation is not visible when you play the story.

Information noteOnly categories that contain snapshots are shown, so if there are no snapshots from today, then the Today category is not shown.

You can open the snapshot library from two places: from a visualization's shortcut menu, and from the story tools panel in storytelling view. The contents of the snapshot library you see depend on where the library was opened from:

  • When the snapshot library is opened from a visualization, only the snapshots taken for that visualization are displayed.
  • When the snapshot library is opened from storytelling view, all the snapshots from all the visualizations in the app are displayed.

Click Edit to edit the list of snapshots. You can delete snapshots or edit the snapshot annotations.

Information noteYou cannot delete snapshots that belong to a published version of an app.
Information noteYou cannot edit annotations for snapshots that belong to a published version of an app.
The snapshot library, opened from the storytelling view, with annotated snapshots organized by the date categories.

Snapshot library.

Sheet view, adding an annotation to a snapshot .

Snapshop annotation dialog.