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Sheet view

You explore, analyze, and discover the data in the sheets. This is also where you create, design, and structure the visualizations when you build apps.

The sheet view has three sections: the toolbar, the selections tool, and the sheet. When you are editing a sheet there are panels on both sides of the sheet, but they will not be used in this tutorial.

Sheet view in an app

Sheet view with visualizations.

The following table presents the main parts of the sheet.

Main areas of sheet view
UI item Description
A: The toolbar

The toolbar contains options to navigate in your sheet and app.

B: The selections bar

The selections bar contains options to make selections in your data and to clear those selections, and to search for data.

The selections tool also displays all selections that have been made.

C: The sheet The sheet is where you interact with the visualizations.

D: Take snapshot, exploration menu, full screen

Take a snapshot of your chart, change certain chart properties in the exploration menu, or view your chart in full screen mode. Hover over a chart to view the menu.

Options menu

Right-click on a chart to view the options menu.

All of the options may not be available depending on whether you are editing or analyzing (viewing) charts in an app, and depending on the privileges that have been assigned to you by your administrator.

Options menu

Options menu

The menu will look different if you have touch screen mode enabled on a supported device. You can disable touch screen mode in the global menu.