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The binary statement is used for loading the data from another Qlik Sense app or QlikView document, including section access data. Other elements of the app are not included, for example, sheets, stories, visualizations, master items or variables.

Note: You cannot upload .qvw or .qvf files to /DataFiles in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes. You need to load the file from a data connection connected to a file share, for example AWS S3 or Google Drive.
Note: Only one binary statement is allowed in the script. The binary statement must be the first statement of the script, even before the SET statements usually located at the beginning of the script.


binary [path] filename


Argument Description
filename The name of the file, including the file extension .qvw or .qvf.

The path to the file which should be a reference to a data connection to a file share.

Working directory