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Script syntax and chart functions

You can use statements and functions in the script to load and transform data into your app. You can also use functions in visualization expressions to build dynamic visualizations.


Qlik Sense uses a data load script to connect to and retrieve data from various data sources. The script is managed in the data load editor. In the script, the fields and tables to load are specified. You can also manipulate the data structure by using script statements, expressions, and variables.

Script syntax

Backus-Naur formalism underlies the script syntax.

Script statements and keywords

Statements and keywords to use in your scripts.

Functions in scripts and chart expressions

Transform data with data load scripts and chart expressions.

Tutorial - Scripting for beginners

Get to know the basics of scripting.

Tutorial - Next steps in scripting

Beyond the basics.

Visualization expressions

You can use expressions to process data in the app in order to produce a result that can be seen in a visualization. You can build visualizations that are more dynamic and powerful, with expressions for dimensions and measures. You can also use expressions to change the presentation of visualizations dynamically.

Visualization expressions

Expressions to process data and change the way it looks in your visualization.

Functions in scripts and chart expressions

Functions for your data load scripts and chart expressions.

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