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Working with apps and other content

A Qlik Sense app is a collection of data items (measures, dimensions, and visualizations), sheets, and stories. Qlik Sense apps let you and others make data discoveries and decisions. You can also add other content to the cloud hub.

Using apps

Learn how to interact, search, and explore apps effectively to make discoveries.

Interacting with visualizations

Visualizations help you gain insights from your data. You filter data to see new connections.

Exploring with selections

Explore by selecting filters to display your data in new ways.

Using smart search

With smart search you search the entire data set in your app from any sheet. Smart search consists of a visual search, which returns results from visualizations, and a data search, which returns results for any data item.

Creating apps

Learn how to create apps and sheets to present your data in the best way.

Creating apps in the cloud hub

Learn how to add apps to your cloud hub.

Reloading app data in the cloud hub

Learn how to keep the data in your apps up to date.

Managing apps

Learn how to structure, style, export, and delete your apps.

Using QlikView apps

Learn how to add and view QlikView apps in cloud hubs.

Adding and creating other content

Monitoring visualizations in cloud hubs

Learn how to take charts from apps and add them to cloud hubs.

Adding links in cloud hubs

Learn how to add links to external content to cloud hubs.

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