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Adding links in cloud hubs

Tenant administrators can add links to the cloud hub. This can provide an easy access point to useful content external to your tenant.

You can add links to useful content into the cloud hub. You might have apps in a deployment of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows or useful Qlik Sense mashups that are relevant to members of specific spaces. You could add links to that content in the relevant spaces.

Access to content in the links is controlled by the destination. A member who has access to the link in the current space but does not have permission to access the linked content will be unable to view the linked content.

You can add multiple links at the same time in the management console. For more information, see Administering generic links.

Creating links

You can create links by clicking Create and then Create link. When you create a new link, you can specify the destination space for the link. By default, links are added to current space.

To change the space a link is in, click More, select Edit, and select a new space.