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Sharing apps in the cloud hub

Sharing apps lets other cloud hub users access your insights.

Warning note

The Share option for sharing apps from a personal space is deprecated as of the February 2020 release of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes and the March 2020 release of Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS.

Qlik recommends that all apps shared from a personal space be moved to a shared space prior to this release.

To share an app with other users, create a shared space, add the app to that space, and then add users to that space. For more information, see Working in shared spaces.

Troubleshooting shared apps after deprecation

If the Share option is not toggled off before the deprecation of the Share option, you will not be able to remove it from the app after deprecation. This can be resolved by duplicating the shared app and then deleting the original app.

Do the following:

  1. Go to your personal space.
  2. Right-click a shared app and select Duplicate.

    A duplicate of the app is created.

  3. Delete the shared app.

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