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App overview in the cloud hub

You will see the app overview when you open an app in the cloud hub. This is where you manage sheets, bookmarks, or stories.

Public content is shown under Public sheets/Public bookmarks/Public stories.Your private content is displayed under My sheets/My bookmarks/My stories. For apps in managed spaces, content added by other users after the app was published is displayed under Community sheets/Community bookmarks/Community stories.

App overview

App overview.

A: The toolbar

The toolbar contains the navigation menu, the global menu, and the app name.
UI item Description

You can select App overview or Open hub. You can also enable Touch screen mode, open the online Help, and view information About Qlik Sense.

The other selections that you can make depend on the view that you select in the tabs in the toolbar.

When you select Data manager or Data model viewer under Prepare, you can Add data. You can also select the Data load editor under Prepare.

When you select Sheet under Analyze, you can Make sheet public, Download sheet as PDF, Duplicate sheet, Delete sheet, or Embed sheet. You can also select Insights under Analyze.

When you select Storytelling under Narrate, you can Make story public, Duplicate story, or Delete story.

All of the options may not be available depending on whether you are editing or analyzing (viewing) charts in an app, and depending on the privileges that have been assigned to you by your administrator.

For more information about tabbed browsing and the global menu, see Navigating using tabs.


Show or hide app information, where you can choose to edit app information or open app options and style your app.


Prepare your data. You can select Data manager, Data model viewer, or Data load editor.


Analyze your data. You can select Sheet or Insights.


Tell a story with your data. You can select Storytelling.

B: Display sheets, bookmarks, or stories

Select whether to display sheets, bookmarks, or stories in the main area.
UI item Description
App objects Shows all sheets in the app.
Bookmark Shows all bookmarks in the app.
Story Mode Shows all stories in the app.

C: Create new sheet button and view toggles

You can create new sheets, and toggle between grid and list view.
UI item Description
Create new sheet Create a new sheet.
Grid View Toggle on grid view.
List View Toggle on list view.

D: Public sheets

You can:

  • Drag sheets to reorder them.
  • Make public sheets private. If you make a sheet private, you become the owner.
  • Duplicate sheets.

E: Sheet details

You can click the title of a sheet or a story to display details, such as when a sheet was made public.

F: Private sheets

You can:

  • Drag sheets to reorder them.
  • Make private sheets public. If you make a sheet public, you are no longer the owner.
  • Change title and description.
  • Edit, duplicate, and delete private sheets.
Information noteIf you cannot drag sheets to re-order them, disable Touch screen mode in the global menu.