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What’s new in Qlik Sense September 2020?


What’s new in Qlik Sense September 2020?

Visual analytics improvements

Frequency counts in list box

You can show the frequency of each dimension value, which can be shown as an absolute number with Frequency count or as a percentage with Relative frequency (%). New property: qListObjectDef.frequencyEnabled

Listbox properties

Hover icons toggle

You can turn off the hover menu for an object on a sheet so that it does not interfere with usage of the chart. This update applies to all chart types except button chart. New property: disableNavMenu

Barchart properties

Border toggle for container object

You can control whether the borders of the objects inside a container will be shown or hidden. The setting applies to all charts inside the container. New property: borders

Container properties

Improved reference lines

Bar and line charts now include dimension-based (vertical) reference lines with formatted labels, useful for enhancing charts with added detail along a time axis (such as start and end dates of important events) New property: dimRefLines

Barchart properties